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Introducing Concentra’s divisions

Revolutionary approach. Revolutionary products, platforms and services.
The insights, expertise, and methodologies we develop through our customer projects lead us to develop original products that solve universal business challenges. It’s a unique approach to product development and the results are game-changing.


Fearless performance design

When change is the only constant, unpredictability is the only guarantee and not knowing is the new normal, how can you plan with confidence? orgvue has been created to do just that, to help you design a fearless future. Our platform allows you to craft, test and deploy new organisations. Our analytics allows you see the smallest job detail and how it can ripple across the whole business. Our insight enables you to spot trends, capitalize on opportunities and plan for what’s next. All this so every foot you put forward is placed with total confidence. This is fearless performance design.

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Creating data harmony

TrueCue’s mission is to empower business leaders with truth and certainty from their data. We provide high-impact analytical consultancy underpinned by our cutting-edge technology platform – a SaaS data warehouse automation solution built for the Azure Cloud. Using an innovative no-code UI, the TrueCue Platform delivers an enterprise-grade data warehouse in a fraction of the time and cost it would normally take, and reduces your reliance on technical IT. To create data harmony in your business discover TrueCue today.

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